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Convergence 4/10/2011 – Partner Advantage Meeting: Our Buddy


This is Brian Hastings, the IBIS Services Account Manager from MS that manages our account. He’s an awesome guy and a critical partner in our success at IBIS.


Convergence Update: 4/10/2011 AM

For once, I had the good sense to avoid staying late at the ever popular Randy and Andy Party on Saturday night so this morning arrived without pain or agony.  My first session was at 8:00am with the Dynamics Academic Alliance where I was a panel member discussing our college recruiting initiatives.

If you haven’t gotten involved with Don Morton and this program, you really should look into it.  They have great resources on how to build and maintain a solid college recruiting program AND contacts inside local universities that can help you.  Also, they have a list of schools using Microsoft Dynamics in their curriculum (curricula? its one of those).  For more information, head to PartnerSource or check in at the Linked In group Dynamics Academic Alliance.

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