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Exactly How Influential?

May 12, 2011 7 comments

Apparently, 75th most influential in the Top 100. 

I can thank so many people for this honor.  My wife and 4 year old who made a game out of repeated voting for me.  Mark Polino for occasionally linking to my blog.  The folks at MSDWorld who clearly were doing bong hits and thought my inclusion in the list would be a great joke.  Tectura employees for casting one less vote for Tom Galambos (76) allowing me to cleanly slide up a tier.  And, most of all, a big thank you to my 15 loyal readers who created the grass roots campaign to nominate me in the first place.

Next year, as a group, let’s all try to knock Doug Burgum off the list entirely.  Isn’t he retired and playing golf with Elvis these days?


Apparently, Not Particularly Influential


I am totally getting my butt kicked by the ever attractive Gianmarco Salzano and the Nav guru Guobjartur Pall Guobjartsson in the most recent DynamicsWorld Top 100 Most Influential Dynamics Professional poll.

Any help out there?  Remember, bring you proof of voting to Convergence and I’ll buy you a beer.  You can vote here:

Mark Polino: Man, Myth, Legend and Now Author

That’s right, everyone’s favorite Dynamics MVP and consistently high rating presenter from Convergence has now published his very first book, Microsoft Dynamics GP Cookbook.  Using his patented “50 Tips in 50 Minutes for Dynamics GP” as the foundation, Mark focuses on solving real world problems in his typically witty, endearing and charming way. 

Sadly, he didn’t ask me to contribute an introduction, so the book lacks only that to achieve near total perfection.

CRM Integration Article

October 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Howard Baldwin called me the other day to discuss CRM integration in context of an article he was writing on  The article, entitled “Integrating Dynamics Applications: Five Ways to Smooth Potential Organizational Conflict” is out and a good read.


You’ll also see Peter Bertell, the incredibly hardworking leader of the award winning IBIS CRM Team quoted in the same article.

Good Article on Client Project Teams

October 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Bill Kennedy posted a great entry called Software Implementation 101.  He makes two great points about expectation setting and the make up of client project teams.  Its something most of us know, but we don’t always do a great job with. 

Thanks, Bill.

Social Networks Article

September 10, 2008 Leave a comment

I talked to Chris Kanaracus, IDG News Service, today about social networks in the workplace.  His research was prompted by a research study conducted by Avanade and Coleman Parkes.  For more details, please go to

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