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#SPC12 Sharepoint 2012 Conference–Sharepoint 2013 Extranets

Coming up on a full day with no internet access at a cloud technology conference.  Oh, MS, do you not see the irony?

Dr. Ian Goodman conducted this session.  Ian is brilliant but he somehow took the most exciting subject and made it intensely boring.

Sharepoint 2013 is a perfect extranet tool.  It’s a mature collaboration tool, it has a powerful social engine with Yammer, does great LOB application integration via Business Connectivity Services, allows integrated BI/Reporting it a ton of different ways AND, on top of all that, you can federate to your customer’s domain so you get single sign-on.

What more can you ask for?  How about native mobile support via HTML5 and audience targeting for personalization?

I think the one thing I like best, though, is the idea of deploying an extranet on Office365 to simplify the security model.  In O365 you can have External Users (called Partner Access Licenses).  P level licensees get 500 licenses and E level get 10,000. Pretty much enough to cover most folks.

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