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#SPC12 Sharepoint Conference 2012: Social CRM

Okay, I spoke too soon.  The wireless is down –again- forcing Reuben Krippner and David Pennington from MS to depend on Powerpoint slides rather than being able to do a live demo.

(As an aside, the folks at Mandalay Bay or whoever was in charge of getting the wireless operational should apologize then issue a massive refund to MS which they should then pass through to the attendees)

As you can take from the post title, this session was an overall discussion on integrating social data into CRM.  Although Reuben had tons of great discussion points about the benefits of integrating social to CRM (including some hilariously acerbic side comments about Ashton Kuecher), I’ll stick with product oriented information:

  • Reuben hammered away at how important Yammer was.  To quote: “Yammer has a huge future.  It’s a big bet.”
  • Yammer is going to be a social “messaging” bus integrated to CRM (coming in December), all the Dynamics products (no timeline specified), Office365, and Sharepoint (no time line specified but the products already have great integration) as an eventual replacement of the Newsfeed. 
  • The Yammer inclusion in CRM should bear some interesting fruit.  For instance, most companies put out Win-Wire emails to advertise sale success. Imagine instead a closed opportunity generating a Yammer activity notice that automatically builds the winwire from the opportunity data.
  • In Q2 Calendar 2013 they will release the Business Hub for CRM, a native Windows 8 metro application, that exposes and allows the user to interact with all CRM data including pipeline reports, activities, opportunities, etc. 
    One last comment:  Reuben used the word “incentivize”.  For this, he must die.
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