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SPC 2012–Delivering Winning Projects in SP with MS Project (#SPC12)

Ah Heather Heide…so articulate.  So smart.  So pretty.  So badly treated by the infrastructure technology.

The wireless and infrastructure here at #SPC12 is really bad – for most of the keynote none of us could get connected and, when we did, it was really slow.  That’s fine for me, but for the presenters its causing some really embarrassing moments.

Heather did an awesome job showing the deep integration between MS Project Server, Project Professional and Office.  Its easier to use, easier to report with, easier to deploy and easier to view.  Its got a new timeline tool that allows go a quick, non-gantt driven view of the project and allows easy mapping of columns from the Sharepoint task list to the Project office client.

I guess what I was most impressed by was:

  1. The easy way to start.  You don’t have to be a project server expert.  Just start using MS Project Pro with Sharepoint and you get really to use manage integration to your team site Task List.
  2. The easy way to get information.  I used to use Project (a lot) and this was always a bitch.  It appears they’ve integrated PowerView at the client level and, now, you can do awesome reporting straight from the client.

Poor Heather, though.  Every time she hit update, it was like watching paint dry. Come on MS, I know you have a pipe we could drive a Bon Jovi tour bus through – how about giving us some of it?

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