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Dynamics AX FastTrAX Summer Institute

If you read this blog, see me at a conference, follow me on Twitter or just talk to me, you’ll know I am a passionate believer in hiring fresh, new talent into this industry (read this for more detail).   And as Microsoft partners, you always ask two questions:

1.  Where do I find them?  Answer:  College campuses.  Read my post for more detail.

2.  How do I train them?

At IBIS, we’ve invested a huge effort for the last 5 years in creating a 12 month Associate Consultant program that develops our college hires into some of the best consultants in the industry.  Now, at last, Microsoft, through the hard work of Sara Gjerdevig in Fargo, has helped by building the Dynamics AX FastTrAX Summer Institute (the link only works for those with access to Partnersource).

An outgrowth of the FastTrAX training program started last year (an 18 day Financials and Trade accelerated learning course), the Summer Institute is a 30 day program on the NDSU campus in Fargo. Covering Financials, Trade, MR, Accounting 101, Consulting 101 and very broad introductions to reporting, industry and verticals, the program is an ideal way to launch a new consultant. For this pilot session, the program started July 9th (ideal for recent college grads) and completed today. 

27 attendees from about from about 8 companies (the company list read like the who’s who of the industry) lived, eat, drank and breathed AX and Microsoft for an entire month all for an incredibly reasonable price including significant rebates from MS for passed exams. 

Folks, I gotta tell you, I think Sara and the team did a really good job.  The instructional quality was great, the facilities were awesome and I really think the result will be more than worth the modest investment.  So, if you want to hire the college crowd but need to outsource training, contact Sara Gjerdevig and get started.

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