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WPC2012 – Day 3 Keynote

#WPC12: I’ll admit, I got here a bit late arriving at the start of the Kevin Turner strategy discussion. I’ve heard a few people talk about Kevin’s public speeches and comment he doesn’t get it – I disagree. 

Kevin focused on what FY14 execution needs to look like but don’t kid yourself – he was pitching the Partners on Microsoft.  He did an awesome job – clean, tight, meaningful.  He had ton’s of good info, but here’s what I picked out:

  • XP goes away April 8 FY 14.  As Kevin put it, “fifteen great years, but its time to put it to sleep.”
  • SQL Server 2012 is a big data platform – and that is really, really important to MS.
  • Office 365 is critical to the MS Enterprise strategy and is how they think they will hold of Google
  • Dynamics AX and CRM are critical components to their productivity strategy as line of business apps.  In fact, the slide said “We have to win with AX and CRM”.  Hope you GP, SL and NAV partners hear that message.  Time to start thinking about product expansion, services commoditization, or opex efficiencies.
  • Sever 2012 is targeted straight at the heart of VMWare ESX
  • System Center 2012 is going to be increasingly important to manage the plethora of devices and services being used in the enterprise, including those not run by a MS product.
  •   And, finally, keep repeating after me, Windows 8…Cloud…Windows 8…Cloud….Windows 8…Cloud…
    Kevin, I know you are closet TDOR fan and I thank you for it.  You did an AWESOME job today – thanks for the preso.
      More later.
    1. July 11, 2012 at 1:51 pm

      Although the writing is on the wall for SL, GP, and NAV that they are not the driving solution for MSFT, SAP has made a nice business on selling BusinessOne and All-In-One solution to the masses globally. I truly believe GP has some strong legs under it and will create a bunch of excitement in the mid-market when GP2013 comes out. I believe the messaging from MSFT has enabled the top three MSFT partners to go all in on CRM and AX which in turn left their cash cow GP, SL, and NAV customers vulnerable to poor experiences with them. In turn, we have had an amazing three years converting them over to IBIS.

      Dwight, I think MSFT has done a good job on marketing that AX is the “Golden Child” of the ERP solutions. Clinton and I always have to explain that that GP is supported and MSFT cares about the solution. Microsoft Dynamics competitors (NetSuite, SAP BusinessOne, Intacct,, etc) see blood in the water for the 140K Microsoft customers of Microsoft Dynamics. In fact, we are seeing companies like NetSuite hiring old GP executives and prior partner executives (Ex-Tectura CEO and Founder Terry Petrzelka) and focusing on selling against Microsoft creating fear and uncertainty that GP, and NAV is dead. They are posting huge wins on GP and NAV take overs. It seems that Microsoft is not looking over the sheep and letting the wolves come in.

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