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WPC Keynote Day 2 – Research Presos

#WPC12: Funniest demo failure…ever.

I have no idea what the guys name was, but we was a member of the MS research lab and was part of the last portion of today’s MS Keynote.  He was demonstrating MS Translation and Photosynth (on-camera phone used to translate other languages and an on-camera photo stitching tool, respectively).    During the demo, he repeatedly made fun of his boss, had a video connection failure, and got two failed (or really slow) demos.  Never lost his cool, kept cracking jokes, and had the audience in stitches. 

Anyone that thinks MS may be falling behind really needs to hit http://www.digitalwpc.com and see their preso.  Big data exposed via Bing Maps, MAVIS used to do video and audio content indexing, Kinnect being used as a portable 3D scanner connected to a 3d printer creating physical models of the scanned object, Ubi projecting Kinnect so you get a touch screen experience on ANY surface and Illumishare to allow vitual sharing of physical objects via a USB plug in that looks like a lamp.

I am impressed.  Makes me wish I was smart and 20-something again so I could go work with those guys.

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