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WPC 2012 – Day One Sessions

#WPC12:As you can imagine, a ton of stuff on Windows 8.  I managed to hit 3 that had nothing to do with 8.

MPN Changes
Nothing of huge significance, but some nicely done fine tuning.  Sharepoint drops to what is essentially a single competency, combining Content and Collaboration.  Digital Marketing gets reinvented and very Bing oriented.  Application Development is added and covers ALL development while ISV gets collapsed into the relevant application competencies and disappears as a standalone.  Small Business is added (read that as focusing on Office in the cloud for small biz) and, finally,  Dekstop is renamed Devices and Deployment.

Attracting Fresh Young Talent
Presented as a panel discussion by the MS Canada Mach program, this was advertised as a briefing on how to recruit college kids.  The panel members were all recent college grads working for MS and were all very excited about their jobs.

Rant follows:  However, MS still doesn’t get it.  Hiring college grads is awesome and works brilliantly, but they get that we can’t do it the same way they do because WE AREN’T FRIGGIN’ MICROSOFT.  Don Morton’s group, abysmally underfunded, is the only team at MS that understands this – everyone else just f****g preaches.  I think its about time Don got some funding from MPN.  Or, at a minimum, MS needs to get a speaker that has actually done this before.  Me, of course.

Sharepoint Social Networking
With the announced acquisition of Yammer, MS is a credible player in the corporate social networking space.  The purchase is so new that they have no road map yet, but look to a complete re-imagining of My Sites and collaboration much sooner than a standard release cycle would normally permit.

More later.

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