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WPC 2012 – Day 2 Keynote

#WPC12 : Huge energy to start the morning with an oddly face painted band called the Tribals screaming a drum driven rock anthem while the Partners of the Year marched to the stage looking as cool as middle aged, white fat guys can when confronted with live rock music.  No fire and no bikes, so that was a pleasant change.

The big message on server is that Windows Server 2012 RTMs in August with GA in September.  They demonstrated the Azure management portal (very cool) and the new System Center 2012 product that allows centralized management of systems across public, provider or private clouds.  Sounds esoteric, but trust me, its really cool.

Kirill’s session on Dynamics was a 22min stomach emptying barf of absolutely nothing.  No new announcements.  No new features. Nothing relevant for Windows 8 either than some mockups that looked live but weren’t.

I nodded off when it came to Public Sector.  Sorry.

Next preso was on Windows Phone 8.  Apparently it will make you cooler, smarter, and better looking.  For that alone, I’m going to buy one (I need all the help I can get).  The big announcements, imho, are:

1.  Encryption:  Using a combination of BitLocker and a few other things, they are promising enterprise grade security and encryption.
2.  Private app publishing:  Partners and customers can privately publish apps without exposing them in the Marketplace.  That’s a big problem resolved for internal development efforts.

All kidding aside, I’ve been a Droid user for 3 years.  I’m dumping Droid and moving the WP 8 as soon as its out – its that awesome.

More later.

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