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WPC2012 Day 1 – Keynote

#WPC12:  Just finished with the keynote.   A predictable event chock full of Ballmer energy, weak marketing-run corporate humor (was it really funny that Roskill came in on a bike?), and introduced by a well executed but astonishingly random Cirque du Soleil performance (fire and drums as a metaphor for MS commitment to partners?).

Looking past that, the content was solid. Here’s what I picked out:
1. Office 365 Open licensing: We can now resell on our own invoice O365. Not certain if CRM is included in this (it should be), but this is a big step.
2. Social Enterprise and Office 15. They are hanging a lot of hopes on both, esp Yammer and Sharepoint. As a big fan of SP and new adoptee of Yammer, I think this is well guided.
3. Windows 8: Tami Reller did a fantastic hands on overview, with surprisingly good detail, on feature set and new hardware devices. GA is Oct – color me smitten.
4. MS = Hardware: Ballmer announced the acquisition of Perceptive Pixel, a cutting edge large format, touch screen hardware vendor. Think Surface on steroids on a wall. It is just flat out AWESOME.

More later.

  1. July 10, 2012 at 8:55 am

    I was impressed with the bike entrance as well but would have been more impressed if Roskill would have come down the stairs like the other riders.

    There was lots of marketing in relation to convincing everyone to switch over to a windows phone.

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