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When to Fire Your Client

April 17, 2012 2 comments

Dwight is of course free to disagree with me on this post. It’s his site after all, but then again, he gave me the keys…

I read a lot of things outside of my specialty because I learn things from people smarter than me and let’s face it, there are lots of those around. This time it was Search Engine Journal of all places. Yes, Search Engine Journal is nerdy even for accountants.


They’ve got an incredibly coherent article on When to Fire Your Client. There are times when you’ll take cash flow, even if it’s from folks who ultimately cost you money. 2008-2010 was like that for a lot of firms. Then there are times where you need to recommend some clients to your toughest competitor so that you can get unstuck and grow the business. Let the competition crow about the win, even as the life is slowly being sucked out of their organization.


Their five key indicators that it’s time to fire your client are:

  1. They Stop Respecting You
  2. They Don’t Value Your Time
  3. Questioning Your Time
  4. You are working for pennies
  5. Where did the ROI go?

If you hit three out of five they recommend that it’s time to take a hard look. Item 1 is the roughest from my point of view. There’s nothing like wondering why folks asked you to come down if they are going to hold up a counterpoint to every one of your recommendations.

Read the full article for the details behind the recommendations at Search Engine Journal.

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