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The Dynamics world is changing. New partner requirements, Master VAR’s, the cloud, mobile, you name it. Somedays there’s so much angst among partners that I feel like I’m at a Twighlight convention full of teenage girls.

Well, we’re not the only ones going through an upheaval so I thought some perspective from a different industry might be in order.  The book business is dominated by a few large publishers and distributors with lots of small and independent publishers. Toss agents and authors in the mix and its lots of fun. Amazon and digital publishing are disrupting this significantly, essentially blowing up a very old oligopoly.

We’re seeing some parallels with cloud computing disrupting the traditional ERP space so here are some thoughts from the book world.

J.A. Konrath is a traditionally published author who has moved very successfully into the indie space. He’s not shy and his post Amazon will destroy  you seems most relevant.

Agent Rachelle Gardener has 3 new posts on the changes going on including:

Do you know what business you’re in?

Do you know your customer?

Are we ready for change?

Certainly all of those questions are relevant to us.

Finally, if you have trouble applying lessons from other businesses to yours, I have to wonder how you manage to help other businesses through the change of a new ERP system.




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