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Don’t Dance At Convergence

Everyone in the MS blogosphere has dedicated significant time, attention and typeface to a serious and thoughtful discussion of things important, significant and meaningful from Convergence.  Leave it to me, then, to engage the trivial by discussing the top things you need NOT do at Convergence.  All of these come from my direct observation of Convergence participants.  Where I was directly involved, I will freely admit it.  None of these involve any customer, partner or team mate at IBIS. 


10.  Drink shots.  Anywhere.  But most especially in the Omni Hotel lobby before noon while the CEO of your company walks by.

9.  Go to the Randy and Andy party and, while drunk, button-hole Kirill with your opinions on the current state of the partner channel and Microsoft’s stock price.

8.  Go to the Randy and Andy Party and stay later than midnight. 

7.  Wear a pink sash lettered with the words “Bachelorette Party” and ask Howie Mandell if he has a hidden piercing.   (This was me.  There is way more to this story, and it involves a very important client team member getting married, an IBIS project manager than knows how to convince me to do about anything, and a rare collision with a B-List celebrity).

6.  Make fun of Malcom Gladwell’s haircut near an open mike.  At the Keynote.  While the mike was on.

5.  Go to Metro Diner, drink too much, then decide you can dance like Usher or drop it and grind like a 17 year old club kid.  Especially when you are a middle-aged, 6’3”, overweight IT professional.  

4.  Go to Metro Diner and dance, period. 

3.  Go to Metro Diner and sit at the bar, making out.   For hours. 

2.  Get your hotel room at the W for the week of Convergence only to check in the night of the Lil Wayne concert at the Phillips.   Then expect to get any sleep while the concert goers party with the hotel security staff in the room next door.

1.  Wake up at noon, miss most of the sessions then complain there is no GP content.  There was plenty.  For that matter, wake up at noon, miss most sessions, then complain there was no NAV, CRM or AX content.  It was all there and it was all great.

Good stuff, Convergence Team.  Looking forward to seeing you in Houston!


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