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Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential Person? Me?

March 24, 2011 1 comment

Well, somehow I got into the nominee list for the DynamicsWorld beauty contest entitled “The Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential Person”.  Assuming Ballmer’s fans don’t fix the vote, and Polino/Carlson/Weldon/Johnson/Musgrave/Holst-Jensen fans amazingly call in sick, I may (stress the word “may”) have the smallest chance of ranking 20th if, and only if, my tens of devoted readers click this link ( and vote for me, the humblest blogger in the Dynamics space.

Take a screen shot of the voting process, show it to me at Convergence, and I’ll buy you a beer.  Of course, you’ll have to wend your way through all my admiring fans surrounding me at the bar, but, trust me, its worth the effort.


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