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Red Flags Your Business Relationship is in Trouble

November 8, 2010 1 comment

Maurilio Amorim has an interesting new post on Red Flags Your Business Relationship is in Trouble. The lessons in the post apply well to Dynamics partners. The first two items, Communication Blackout and Justification Inquisition should be common sense to anyone who has spent any time with another human being. If the client is not communicating or requesting considerably more information and documentation than normal, you have a problem. 

The next two items, dealing with the Internal Teamer and More for Less, are both very applicable to Dynamics partners. We’ve all seen cases where a client hires someone internally hoping to reduce consulting fees. Maurilio’s advice is “Play Nice”. Often the client doesn’t get the savings or efficiency they were looking for. I would add, make the internal hire your friend. Frequently the expectations placed on the internal hire are unrealistic. They are being tasked with replacing a team of consultants and find themselves desperately looking for help. You have the opportunity to turn the Internal Teamer into and advocate for your firm.

More for Less is the critical lesson we all need to internalize. Lowering fees and increasing output devalues your work, especially when you do that to save a client. Read Maurillo’s whole post for the details. 

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