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Post Project Reviews

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I think that the Dynamics community as a whole has a lot of room for improvement in conducting any kind of formal post project review and I think that there are a number of reasons why. Specifically:

  •  Despite the Sure Step process of “releasing the implementation team” the reality is that often much of an implementation team trickles off incrementally as part of post implementation support.  Rarely (never?) is there a close the project meeting where everyone goes off to new projects.
  • Team members may be move on and off projects for specific tasks that go live at different times.
  • Its expensive in terms of unbilled hours and possible travel to pull together a team for a post project debrief.

I still maintain that an effective post project debrief would got a long way to improving future implementations, spreading institutional knowledge and building better teams but those are soft items and they bump up against the lost billable hours required for a review.

I don’t have any great answers for this problem. I’m hoping that the addition of the Sure Step Project Review Document will help facilitate this process both at the end of a project and at major milestones. I also think that  the project review needs to be done with only partner personnel, not shared with the client. A separate review with the client may be appropriate but In many cases the discussion can center around how to better deal with certain types of clients. That candor is critical and won’t happen in a mixed environment.

 So here is my call for improvement. 

  •  Do you conduct consistent formal  project reviews?
  • How we turn off the cuff reviews like “that project went well” or “that project was a mess” into something actionable on future projects?
  • What suggestions do you have to encourage more post project reviews?

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