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IBIS – Finalist for MS Partner of the Year 2010

My employer, IBIS, is a finalist for the Microsoft Partner Awards in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner of the Year award category for 2010

IBIS could be a case study in transformational change.  Historically a successful GP partner, IBIS intentionally took the risk of investing in a completely new ERP product, aggressively investing in sales and marketing,  AND rebuilding almost its entire executive team – and did it starting last year, in the depth of the worst economic environment in 80 years.    The above nomination demonstrates the wisdom of that decision and the courage shown by Andy Vabulas, Bill Forsyth, John Koontz and Kathy Fitts in executing on that plan.

Inside IBIS, two groups of people deserve the credit for this.  The first is the sales and marketing teams.  The did a great job of driving leads in the door, and then making certain those leads got closed and closed quickly.  Truly a great effort and its been my rare pleasure to see this unfold.  The second is the consulting team.  They did a great job at scaling quickly, working hard and delivering great work.  And, it wasn’t just the AX consultants – the GP and CRM teams did amazing work, generated huge revenue and provided us the financial wherewithal to make that kind of new investment.

Good work, IBIS!



* Disclosure:  Dwight Specht is the COO of IBIS.

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